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Dual flush toilets are becoming more popular because they reduce water use. Unfortunately, many of the toilets in the US are single mode flush and it is expensive to purchase and install a new dual flush unit.

We now offer dual flush conversion valves which allow you to convert your old high flow flush toilet to a low flow dual flush toilet. These units embody simplicity. The toilet tank, handle and inlet valve remain. Only the flapper or flapper assembly are replaced.

The toilet can now flush in two modes. Press and release the handle for a small flush and press and hold the handle for a large flush.


This model replaces the flapper assembly without removal of the toilet tank. The flapper assembly is removed and the USP is inserted into the tank drain hole where the flapper had been.

The float is then adjusted to produce a low flow flush for urine by pressing on the toilet handle and releasing. For flushing solids the handle is pressed and held to produce a larger flush.

See the video below on the simple and fast installation of the USP retrofit valve.


This model replaces the flapper and overflow assembly in the toilet tank. The tank is removed and the USAV is installed with new rubber washers which are provided. See the video below on installation.

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